Loves and life on the Garden Route in South Africa

Through the eyes of volunteer coordinator and crazy cat lady, Sharon

First Day Jitters May 6, 2016

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Great blog post on Malaysia and the world famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehab centre

Jet-setter Jones


And suddenly it’s real. Lush greenery everywhere (Including the palm oil forestation surrounding me whilst landing which was not such a welcome sight).



I had landed in Borneo. After 18 months of waiting, I was here. This bucket list item was about to be ticked off. And I was petrified.

I hadn’t given it much thought over the past six months, travelling around it seemed so distant in the future. It didn’t seem real. Suddenly, I was on a plane, headed there and it was all I could think about.

What if I’m awful at it? What if the people judge me? What if they all hate me? What if I hate them? What if I accidentally hurt an orangutan? What if, what if, what if…

When I met my fellow volunteers, that anxiety was all gone. A mixture of all ages and everyone is awesome. We have eight weeks…

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We say goodbye to another great volunteer… September 4, 2015

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Travellers Worldwide volunteers in Knysna

Happy but sad goodbyes yesterday for volunteer Annie Caffyn at the youth development volunteer placement in Knysna in South AfricaAnnie, the staff and youth at the centreWelcome bannerVolunteer Annie Caffyn working on the Welcome bannerHard at work on the banner

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Work trip through the Cape to Cape Town June 24, 2015

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Travellers Worldwide volunteers in Knysna

So I have just returned from a CRAZY and HECTIC 5 days visiting the marine placements and care placements we work with in the Cape. i travelled through the Overberg region- absolutely magnificent- and ended with three days in Cape Town.

I was lucky enough to go on a shark boat at Kleinbaai and we got to see 8 Great Whites the largest being 3.6m long.

Incredible Great White shark Incredible Great White shark

I also got to visit a newly built African Penguin and Seabird sanctuary and got to meet to of the hospital’s sickly penguins.

A poorly juvenile African penguin A poorly juvenile African penguin

We then headed back to the Stanford region to visit a sanctuary and had a private tour. Amazing animals.

Lazy male white lion Lazy male white lion

Cape Town was a crazy dash from children’s hospitals to autism and deaf school and schools for special needs. I think I am a lot more aware on what…

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Bloukrans: The World’s Highest Bridge Bungee June 4, 2015

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Would you have the nerve to do this?



It’s safe to say that I am a pretty adventurous type of girl. I have cage dived with Great White Sharks, jumped out of a plane, gone snorkelling in the middle of a blizzard, hung out with lions, gone caving in Budapest and donned some crampons for vertical ice climbing. Throughout all of these adventures, and throughout the rest of my life, I have been pretty much fearless. However, that all changed when I set foot on the Bloukrans Bridge near The Crags in South Africa. A busy thoroughfare for buses and trucks, and also the home of the highest bridge bungee jump, and the third highest overall bungee jump in the world.

I had pre-purchased my jump online, knowing that if I had paid for it, I wouldn’t back out, even if I wanted to. It might seem strange that I felt no fear when flinging…

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South Africa May 26, 2015

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From my past volunteer Gina Bishop on her experiences in south Africa teaching dance


South Africa.


One Eyed Willy

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Heartbreaking! In memory of poor Willy who had such a hard life. Thank you Gina for this respect and the love you gave to him, sad about the accident but it was exactly that, a very sad untimely accident

The Bohemian Bliss

The guy was a mess. Everyone’s first thought, upon seeing him, was  “Poor Fucking Guy”. Yea… he was a wreck, haggard, beaten up, seasoned, filthy. You knew he had been around the block one too many times but yet… he lingered… on that same block. You couldn’t help but wonder why (or for what reason) he was still hanging around. Most of the time he looked like death and yet, he just wouldn’t die. No, he didn’t go quietly into that good night. He wanted to be loved, until the very last moment of his life. You could sense that he had some intrinsic wisdom of the power of affection and he sought it out every chance he got. His name was Willy. He didn’t die from starvation or an infected eye or the multiple battle scars he inherited from the streets. He didn’t even die from the cancer he…

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Ascension Day May 14, 2015

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Travellers Worldwide volunteers in Knysna

Twister!!! Twister!!!

It’s a wet and rainy Ascension day here in Knysna so some of the schools decided to close so volunteers Karen and Toni decided to go up to the safe house placement and keep the kids there entertained and out of mischief . First order of the day was a game of Twister! Tracey and Nunu were so busy playing that Tracey took awhile to realise that little Beauty had eaten her cupcake on the sly that Karen and Toni had bought for the kids. I just love the guilty smile on Beauty’s face

Little Beauty with that guilty smile

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