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Through the eyes of volunteer coordinator and crazy cat lady, Sharon

Bloukrans: The World’s Highest Bridge Bungee June 4, 2015

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Would you have the nerve to do this?



It’s safe to say that I am a pretty adventurous type of girl. I have cage dived with Great White Sharks, jumped out of a plane, gone snorkelling in the middle of a blizzard, hung out with lions, gone caving in Budapest and donned some crampons for vertical ice climbing. Throughout all of these adventures, and throughout the rest of my life, I have been pretty much fearless. However, that all changed when I set foot on the Bloukrans Bridge near The Crags in South Africa. A busy thoroughfare for buses and trucks, and also the home of the highest bridge bungee jump, and the third highest overall bungee jump in the world.

I had pre-purchased my jump online, knowing that if I had paid for it, I wouldn’t back out, even if I wanted to. It might seem strange that I felt no fear when flinging…

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South Africa May 26, 2015

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From my past volunteer Gina Bishop on her experiences in south Africa teaching dance


South Africa.


One Eyed Willy

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Heartbreaking! In memory of poor Willy who had such a hard life. Thank you Gina for this respect and the love you gave to him, sad about the accident but it was exactly that, a very sad untimely accident

The Bohemian Bliss

The guy was a mess. Everyone’s first thought, upon seeing him, was  “Poor Fucking Guy”. Yea… he was a wreck, haggard, beaten up, seasoned, filthy. You knew he had been around the block one too many times but yet… he lingered… on that same block. You couldn’t help but wonder why (or for what reason) he was still hanging around. Most of the time he looked like death and yet, he just wouldn’t die. No, he didn’t go quietly into that good night. He wanted to be loved, until the very last moment of his life. You could sense that he had some intrinsic wisdom of the power of affection and he sought it out every chance he got. His name was Willy. He didn’t die from starvation or an infected eye or the multiple battle scars he inherited from the streets. He didn’t even die from the cancer he…

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Ascension Day May 14, 2015

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Travellers Worldwide volunteers in Knysna

Twister!!! Twister!!!

It’s a wet and rainy Ascension day here in Knysna so some of the schools decided to close so volunteers Karen and Toni decided to go up to the safe house placement and keep the kids there entertained and out of mischief . First order of the day was a game of Twister! Tracey and Nunu were so busy playing that Tracey took awhile to realise that little Beauty had eaten her cupcake on the sly that Karen and Toni had bought for the kids. I just love the guilty smile on Beauty’s face

Little Beauty with that guilty smile

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Meet South Africa! April 8, 2015

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My Slow Journey

I have just returned from a whirlwind tour of South Africa that was part of the 2015 #MeetSouthAfrica campaign. Mind. Officially. Blown. By the beauty of this country. By the talent of SA bloggers and photographers. By the quality of food and drink. And by the sheer magnitude of fun we had! Rest assured that there will be many blogs about our adventures, however I first need to gather up the pieces of my blown mind… In the meantime, here’s a few pics to give you an idea:













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Our amazing Swiss volunteers 27th of March 2015 April 7, 2015

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Travellers Worldwide volunteers in Knysna

Andi and Tanja are a young couple from Switzerland who chose to come volunteer through Travellers Worldwide at a crèche in the township of Knysna. On meeting them at the airport I immediately could see they would be making a big impression as not only where they mature, eager to get stuck in helping any way they could but  their overall outlook on life was really fantastic.

From the start they were a huge hit with the kids and the staff, handing out food at meal times, assisting the teachers with the children in their lessons, playing with the little ones in the playground and Andy even fixed the children’s blocked sink.  He was quite amazed to find that the pipes were blocked with pencils!

Tanja and Andi volunteering at the creche Tanja and Andi volunteering at the creche

They also took part in an outing down to the annual Knysna Literary Festival taking the kids to…

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1 week down! January 26, 2015

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Georgia Hudson's Trip to South Africa

So I have been away from home for a week and it has gone extremely quickly! This week has been great as I have had a chance to settle in and get to know the City. I have met life long friends who I have been able to share experiences with and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. Michelle my friend from the hostel is great company, we’ve done everything together this week and we’ve had a ball. Smile 90.4 is such a great station to be working at, I’m one lucky person to have been given this internship. Everyone at the station is so welcoming and helping get as much out of this experience as possible. The past week has been a nice gradual introduction to the station, next week is going to be more full on as they are currently on ‘downtime’. Today I shadowed the news team, helping them…

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The Wilderness Secret – Clifford’s Cave January 21, 2015

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Bob on a Budget

Underneath the N2 freeway, just before you drive down into the little coastal town of Wilderness, lives a man in a cave named Clifford.

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Another great blog by the Going Homeless Project

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Wild walks and cave dwellers …


The best ice-cream spots in Cape Town, South Africa December 31, 2014

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