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Fat boys on a Sunday morning August 26, 2012

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The fat boys early Sunday morning enjoying the view from the kitchen windowsill. It’s going to be a beautiful day


Mac and Stormer

And later back in bed with Harley and Stormer


Harley and Stormer


Across the rainbow bridge August 15, 2012

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My babies, Lucia and Evian, you will always be in my heart and a part if me will always be with you. I can only think how lucky I was to have been able to share such precious bittersweet time with you. May you rest in piece mommy’s darlings






The settled life

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Well the little fat buddha’s- my nickname for the two little brothers- are now 9 months old. They have an unbelievably ‘hearty’ appetite and clock in at their food bowls practically on the half hour. As a result of this their litter boxes have to be cleaned regularly. My older boy Harley had grown very accustomed to them but after a recent visit to the parlor for the little ones, he didn’t seem to recognize them on coming home. No doubt due tithe fact that they smelt all clean and fresh. So once again we had a bit of spitting and hissing in the household. 5 days later things seem to have settled down. No doubt the drama will start all over as this weekend I am going to give Harley his turns at a ‘wash & blow’. I hope he isn’t going to hate me for it. Just loving my boys though. All such individual characters and I cannot be happier with all three!!


Harley and Stormer


3 weeks June 23, 2012

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When it’s been 3 weeks since my new fur babies came to live with me. It’s been great!!! The initial settling in went smoothly and they now all have the freedom of the house running around wherever they please. Harley the older boy is still a little nervous of the two younger brothers but it’s all going so well. I just love them to bits!! Lots of fun still ahead. I still miss my little girl terribly but it’s been great to have the newbies to run around after to keep my attention diverted from my babies passing on.


Stormer, Mac and Harley


Big day June 3, 2012

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Yesterday was the big day, I drove for 3 hours to go fetch my 3 boys!!! Loved them on sight and it’s day 2 with them being very settled just a little bit of socialising between the adult male and the 2 make kittens to go through! Loving having 3 babies!!




Mac and Stormer


Adoption day is getting closer May 30, 2012

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Well it’s now Wednesday and on Saturday I will be driving 3 hours away to fetch my new fur babies. I can’t quite believe it is all going to happen. This week has been last minute shopping scouring vet and pet shops for last minute essentials for the new little loves that are going to increase our family from 3 to 6. We are all very excited and I just wish this week would hurry up so that it was Saturday already! The knowledge of these 3 new arrivals are keeping my spirits up and are helping me to deal with the passing on of my little Lucy aka tuna breath. It’s funny how your head knows you did all you possibly could- my vet bills attest to that- and made the most selfless decision in letting her go after many years of having the most loving relationship ever but your heart just doesn’t want to let her go as if letting her spirit go will erase all memories from your mind which would be an impossibility. RIP my darling girl, mommy loves you forever and a day. And now a new chapter starts, a continuation in the story of my love for cats-specifically Persians- and I will be able to love and cherish 3 newcomers into my life with the same amount of energy and care that I did for Lucy. The roller-coaster of emotion, sadness and loss then excitement and fresh beginnings.


3 weeks May 22, 2012

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Harley (Tiger Burning Bright)

3 weeks and 1 day since my baby girl passed over. It feels like forever since we lay on the couch together and cuddled up. The days drag on, dull without her. But things are starting to happen and it looks like I might be adopting 3 new fur babies. It is all up to the breeder and if she’s happy with me and feels her cats will be happy and safe at my home then I might end up being lucky to welcome 3 gorgeous little ones into my life and home. Crossing paws and claws


Mac Feagle


Blue Wilbur


2 weeks have passed.. May 14, 2012

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2 weeks have passed since the demise of my Lucy. I feel the pain in my throat every time I swallow, a constant reminder. There is a chill in the air reminding me of the warmth that left my life when she passed on in my arms. The atmosphere seems grey, no doubt as the colour seeped out as her life was extinguished. The last 2 weeks have been drab, the meaning gone at the same time the light was extinguished in her eyes. I miss Lucy


Reflections of Lucy,6 days on May 6, 2012

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It’s been 2 weeks since I first noticed Lucy wasn’t well. Tomorrow is a week since her death. I sit on my bed thinking how it’s times like that that I feel her loss the most. I remember how I’d lie on my bed and how she would curl up behind the back of my legs. How she would stay for hours close to me, only jump off for a bite to eat or a drink and then resume her position with me. I long for her little sweet furry presence. I miss her so. The pain in my heart is physical


My precious love, Lucia. I miss her so!


RIP Lucy May 1, 2012

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Yesterday after a week’s long struggle with kidney problems, I chose to put down my fur baby, Lucia (31.10.1999 to 30.04.2012). Her diagnosis was just impossible with no possibility of surviving unless on a drip with both her kidneys just not functioning. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I will miss her more than words can ever say. I love you my little girl and you leave a hole in my heart that can never be filled.


Lucy and I in her last final days at the vet


Lucy in happier and healthier days