Loves and life on the Garden Route in South Africa

Through the eyes of volunteer coordinator and crazy cat lady, Sharon

My loves and life on the Garden Route March 22, 2012

Exploring the Garden Route and surrounding areas with my partner and/or the volunteers I work with or reblogging the great blogs I come across that highlight the beauty of this area in South Africa or  even totally unrelated but that  interest me. Just a crazy cat lady at heart whether wild or domestic. Loving and living life and proudly South African!005


12 Responses to “My loves and life on the Garden Route”

  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful. What beautiful fur creatures you are with right now, here on this page… One of my most favourite creatures is the Cheetah; I simply adore them. To touch them, as you are doing, would be the thrill of a lifetime. As for simplicity; gaining pleasure from what you do and living in the area surrounded by such beauty may be simple, and yet for others it seems simply magnificent…. Thanks for sharing… 🙂

    • shadreyer Says:

      I count myself lucky in that I have had both cheetahs and leopards licking my hand. This photo was taken at a wild cat sanctuary. They have a range of indigenous wild cats from leopard, cheetah, serval, caracal and black-footed cat. They teach the public about conservation and how poaching and other ills are encroaching on and destroying the lives of our wild cats. They are NOT a breeding center and all their cats live in huge enclosures with the natural vegetation they would be found in. They also have a hospital for wild animals who they treat and then are rehabilitated back to the wild. They also have a penguin/seal rescue enclosure for those that are washed up far from home and then returned to their rightful areas. It’s a great place and extremely ethical and well run. Public awareness needs to be increased to protect these beautiful creatures

      • Yes, you are indeed fortunate. It is so very good to know that there are those with high morals and exemplary animal ethics upholding their daily lives and work. We certainly need those folk. Thank You for bringing this awareness via your blog.. I know I’m going to enjoy your future writings too…..

      • shadreyer Says:

        I’ve only started blogging recently but I really need to get more into it as I think I get to experience some truly awesome things in my area. One being slapped through the face by an elephant ear 😄 Not many can say that has happened to them

      • Absolutely not…. (Slapped in the ear by an elephant; that is). 😉
        I believe that you have so much to share; particularly because of your position being ‘hands on’…. I certainly encourage you to do so… I will be creating another ‘awards page’ soon (sometime next week). I want to add your site to the list of one of the nominees for an award in the hope of others finding you too. You have so much to offer…

      • shadreyer Says:

        Best I get blogging then. Most of my work takes me into local townships with volunteers and often weekends are spent enjoying the local surroundings. Tomorrow we are taking my man’s daughter to a local Wolf Sanctuary that is also home to Blackbacked Jackal and African Wilddogs aka Painted dogs. Should be fun. I’m crazy for animals and I want her to get a good positive attitude towards animals and how to treat them too. We are starting with breakfast at a local farmer’s market. Should be good.

    • shadreyer Says:

      Cheetahs have the loudest purrs ever. So amazing hearing them rattle off like an engine, beautiful animals and their speed is phenomenal

  2. Thank you for liking our post. We showed your picture to Mom. She loves the big cats and always has. We try to live up to that. I’m Shakespeare and I’m orange and I weigh about 13 1/2 pounds. Mom claims most of that weight is in my tail since it is extremely long, large and fluffy. I’m Hemingway and I’m a little older and heavier. I weigh around 17 pounds and the doctor man says I have to be careful not to get any heavier so I’ve been doing lots of running in the back yard. Mom says you have a very exciting life and she really likes your blog.

  3. […] blog in the last few days who came with some very exciting news! Shadreyer who hosts the blogsite  Loves and life on the Garden Route in South Africa commented that a small group of elephants had been discovered living and reproducing in a very […]

  4. Dianda Says:

    Absolutely beautiful those Cheetahs!

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