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Top six beach sunset spots in the Garden Route November 10, 2014

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Our beautiful Garden Route beaches! South Africa is truly beautiful!

Garden Route Trail

As the southern hemisphere slips into summer, sunset in the Garden Route extends further south and later, creating ample opportunities for a perfect beach sunset to mark the days end.

Depending on your preferences on how you prefer to bid farewell to the day and welcome the night, the Garden Route has numerous beaches from which to celebrate the revolution of earth.
Below are six of the best beach locations to relax on at sunset in the Garden Route.

Firstly, for sporty types that enjoy an end of day swim or surf, nothing beats Buffalo Bay. Located west of Knysna, the bay is recessed east of a rocky peninsula, forming a secure swimming beach with easy waves. It is a perfect beach to arrive at, light a fire in a Webber or Cobb kettle barbacue, sprint down to the surf and catch waves in the last light. If timed well…

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