Loves and life on the Garden Route in South Africa

Through the eyes of volunteer coordinator and crazy cat lady, Sharon

Knysna Oyster Festival June 22, 2014

So the next big event we will be having in the beautiful estuary town of Knysna on the Garden Route in South Africa, is the annual Oyster Festival. This festival which is on from the 4th to the 12th of July, is fun filled with lots to do for all the locals and visitors to our town. From sports events to wine tasting and oyster hot spots, there is something for everyone

Knysna Oyster Festival webpage

Also not to missed, the local design and food market on the 10th of July
Local Design and Food Market


Markets galore! June 21, 2014

Saturday mornings on the Garden Route in South Africa, are a great time to explore the many local markets in the area. I am going to be taking a British and a Swiss volunteer to there such markets this morning. We will start at the Wild Oats market for breakfast with a choice of many different culinary delights from around the world. Then it’s on to the Mosaic and Scarab markets to trawl for local arts & crafts, African curios locally designed clothing and handcrafted jewelry with a stop at the factory making paper from elephant dung. All these markets can be found on the outskirts of the small town of Sedgefield and are a huge attraction every Saturday. Photos to follow later

Wild Oats Community Market




Beautiful breads!20140621-102437-37477966.jpg

Traditional South African vetkoek (fat cake)20140621-102500-37500259.jpg

Freshly squeezed fruit juice, smoothies and chai tea20140621-102615-37575574.jpg

Pastries and cakes from the German baker20140621-102658-37618660.jpg

Artisan bread from local patisserie, ile de Pain20140621-102806-37686284.jpg

Olives galore!20140621-103134-37894558.jpg

Traditional koeksusters, the sweeter and syrupy the better20140621-103235-37955794.jpg

Love these hand crafteed wooden rabbits and people20140621-110203-39723527.jpg

Proteas, indigenous flora to South Africa and also our national flower20140621-110244-39764480.jpg

The Mosaic Outdoor Market20140621-110507-39907433.jpg

Vintage stall20140621-111751-40671924.jpg

Beautiful bonsais 20140621-112206-40926064.jpg

The minstrels 20140621-112318-40998001.jpg


T-shirts with a South African feel20140621-112624-41184570.jpg

Fairy and fantasy gear for kids20140621-112910-41350473.jpg

Amazing wooden furniture20140621-113013-41413981.jpg

Incredible mosaic art20140621-132902-48542654.jpg

Prints on paper made from elephant dung20140621-135156-49916925.jpg

Mosaic protea flower on a vase20140621-135238-49958339.jpg

Yummy cheeses20140621-135454-50094440.jpg

A stall thats profits goes towards anti-canned lion breeding and hunting20140621-135528-50128404.jpg

The oddest vegetable I have ever seen!20140621-135601-50161605.jpg

Droe wors or as it is translated into English “dry sausage’, also a traditional South African treat20140621-135643-50203756.jpg

Wild Oats Community Farmers Market

Mosaic Outdoor Market

Scarab Saturday Craft Market