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We are all related.. September 24, 2013

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I found this article really interesting about our common ancestors and mitochondrial (DNA) Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam . Worth a read


World Rhino Day 22 September September 21, 2013

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World Rhino Day 22 September



One month and twelve days to go!! September 3, 2013

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This post is just a quick to explain a bit about what I’ll actually be doing whilst I’m away! I’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks but I hope to be able to post a lot more regularly about my upcoming trip over the next few weeks. 

Ok, so my two weeks in Knysna (and I am already wishing I could afford to stay for longer) will be spent assisting and teaching in the schools around Knysna to a variety of ages. 

I have opportunities to teach:

– After school and lunch time activity classes – drama workshops and dance classes

– Assist in creating small-scale productions for the local community 

– Be involved in the choir at one of the schools

I also have the opportunity to teach conversational English classes to both adults and children alongside my other work which is something I’d definitely love to do!…

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