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Indoor cats information September 11, 2012

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For those with indoor cats like mine


9 Responses to “Indoor cats information”

  1. Dianda Says:

    Our cats are inside, there are already a lot of cats in the street, and many people leave their trash on the pavement when the container is full. Which results in cats scratching the bags open so all the food trash is all over the street. I don’t want my cats doing that, or down there in the street. So we got our balcony secured with nets. And they absolutely love it!

    • shadreyer Says:

      Mine too! They have only been with me since June. My baby girl though who had kidney failure was allowed out under supervision only. The new 3 boys aren’t. We are in the process of enclosing our patio for them with 2m high fencing as it gets hot here in summer and I want them to get a bit of ‘fresh air’. My older boy is a rescue and was allowed out by his previous owner but what with cars and dogs I daren’t take the chance. The little male kittens have never been outside and would be totally clueless. Plus they don’t respond to their names as well as the older one. My baby who was put down in April was like a dog, she came when called so I could trust her more plus she was a scaredy cat so always stayed on the property. The boys on the other hand are scared of nothing. I love them too much to lose them, get them killed or pick up diseases from cat fights with the other cats roaming our area. 🙂

  2. tasmanvet Says:

    Thanks for re-posting Shadreyer- I’m glad you found it of some use. Looking at your avatar, I thought for a moment your indoor cats were cheetahs! But hopefully not. 😉 Thanks again, David

    • shadreyer Says:

      Ha ha! No never! My indoor cats are Persians. The cat in my avatar photo is a Serval cat which is indigenous to South Africa. Similar coloring to a cheetah (spots), long legs, lean, long neck and huge ears. Like a mini-cheetah but much smaller. Likes wetlands and eating frogs. This is Oscar. He lives at an animal sanctuary on the East Coast of SA in a town called Jeffrey’s Bay 😊

    • shadreyer Says:

      They call Servals the cats of many parts as they have spots and stripes too. Very beautiful and nocturnal hunters.

    • shadreyer Says:

      The cat in my avatar if a Serval. Indigenous to Southern Africa. This particular one is called Oscar. They look like mini cheetahs 🙂

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