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A re-post on the beautiful Knysna forests August 27, 2012

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Beautiful description of our Knysna forests but I must correct the writer in that there is now evidence and sightings that prove that we still have elephants in our forests

Have you ever...

I have previously written about the tannin tinted rivers and creeks of the Garden Route of southern Africa. A bit further west from the Bloukrans Pass (described in that post), one comes across another veritable ‘Garden of Eden’, otherwise known as the Knysna Forests.

These too, have rivers and streams that are cola coloured, and they are just as beautiful.

Many consider that there are three things in particular that the Knysna Forests are famous for: elephants, gold and timber. Stories of each of these add mystique and intrigue, but they are now all associated with events in the past.

The elephants roamed the forest for many centuries and caused little (if any) permanent damage. However, relatively recent exploitation of the forests has resulted in the demise of the elephants and they are now surely gone forever. However, there is luckily still hope for the forests to regain much of their former…

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8 Responses to “A re-post on the beautiful Knysna forests”

  1. How wonderful that there are sightings of elephants in the forests…. 🙂

    • shadreyer Says:

      I heard that they DNA analyses the elephant dung found and there could be four. The forest is so vast and dense it is hard to say. Sightings are very rare though but still at least they are there

      • That’s excellent… It’s amazing what can be done today…! 🙂 Hopefully they’ll be left in peace to grow in numbers. It takes so long for that to happen though..! Oh well, here’s hoping..!

  2. Madoqua Says:

    I was so excited to hear this news as I was very sad when told they were all gone! I will post an update on my site with the link to your page and also Gareth Patterson’s page. Thank you for letting me know!

    • shadreyer Says:

      Indeed! The Knysna elephants are so special. They are part of the town charm but I don’t think there will ever be a huge herd again sadly. Whenever walking in the forest I always hope I will be one of those that get a rare glimpse of them but instead I have to go to the Elephant Sanctuary in nearby Plettenberg Bay to get a chance to get to see these beautiful sensitive beings. It’s a great place with all five of their elephants having been rescued. One day they will be relocated to a reserve as a herd. Elephants are amazing. Knysna is also famous for its oysters, dwarf chameleons, the beautiful Knysna Loerie (a slightly crested bird of green’s with red under the wings) and of course the Knysna seahorse. It’s such a beautiful place and in the four years that I have been here I have really been very happy. Such incredible surroundings, I feel like I’m on holiday everyday!

    • shadreyer Says:

      There is a little museum at the ‘Old Gaol’ where they have some old history of the elephants too. A couple of old newspaper articles and photo’s. It seems like they tried to re-introduce a few elephants into the dwindling herd in the 60’s but it didn’t work out. By all accounts the Knysna elephants are slightly different structurally from other elephants.

      • Madoqua Says:

        You are very lucky to be able to walk in the forests and I do hope you get lucky one day 🙂 I spent many years in the Knysna area and miss it a lot! I am so pleased you found my post!

      • shadreyer Says:

        I just returned from a meeting with a lady at SanParks (South African National Parks board) and I’m hoping on taking some of the youth from the Sinethemba Youth Development centre on a walk in Diepwalle to see the Big Tree. It’s also an area where elephants have been sighted

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