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The settled life August 15, 2012

Filed under: Pets — shadreyer @ 6:04 am

Well the little fat buddha’s- my nickname for the two little brothers- are now 9 months old. They have an unbelievably ‘hearty’ appetite and clock in at their food bowls practically on the half hour. As a result of this their litter boxes have to be cleaned regularly. My older boy Harley had grown very accustomed to them but after a recent visit to the parlor for the little ones, he didn’t seem to recognize them on coming home. No doubt due tithe fact that they smelt all clean and fresh. So once again we had a bit of spitting and hissing in the household. 5 days later things seem to have settled down. No doubt the drama will start all over as this weekend I am going to give Harley his turns at a ‘wash & blow’. I hope he isn’t going to hate me for it. Just loving my boys though. All such individual characters and I cannot be happier with all three!!


Harley and Stormer


15 Responses to “The settled life”

  1. I had a Persian I used to wash and blow dry because of a medical condition he had that prevented him from cleaning himself properly. Even though he detested it, he allowed me to do it… He was adorable; as are these two guys. Didn’t you have 3 originally?

    • shadreyer Says:

      I have 3 at the moment. A 5 year old tabby Persian and 2 brothers who are blue/white bi-colours and 9 months old. It’s impossible to get all 3 in a photo. A lot of grooming goes into Persians but its so worth it. They have the sweetest nature’s ever. I just love them 😊

  2. Aren`t they just adorable….. :)!!

  3. Molly Says:

    Beautiful kitties and I love the story of how you got them all ….

  4. Aww … my Bubbles was exactly like them 11 months ago x

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