Loves and life on the Garden Route in South Africa

Through the eyes of volunteer coordinator and crazy cat lady, Sharon

Adoption day is getting closer May 30, 2012

Filed under: Pets — shadreyer @ 10:43 am

Well it’s now Wednesday and on Saturday I will be driving 3 hours away to fetch my new fur babies. I can’t quite believe it is all going to happen. This week has been last minute shopping scouring vet and pet shops for last minute essentials for the new little loves that are going to increase our family from 3 to 6. We are all very excited and I just wish this week would hurry up so that it was Saturday already! The knowledge of these 3 new arrivals are keeping my spirits up and are helping me to deal with the passing on of my little Lucy aka tuna breath. It’s funny how your head knows you did all you possibly could- my vet bills attest to that- and made the most selfless decision in letting her go after many years of having the most loving relationship ever but your heart just doesn’t want to let her go as if letting her spirit go will erase all memories from your mind which would be an impossibility. RIP my darling girl, mommy loves you forever and a day. And now a new chapter starts, a continuation in the story of my love for cats-specifically Persians- and I will be able to love and cherish 3 newcomers into my life with the same amount of energy and care that I did for Lucy. The roller-coaster of emotion, sadness and loss then excitement and fresh beginnings.


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